Education by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 1/6)

     Among other early LRH papers on schooling in the twentieth century comes “Education.” It is drawn from a larger 1938 manuscript entitled “Excalibur,” wherein Ron first explored certain pivotal truths inherent to the later development of Dianetics and Scientology. “Education” is presented here for the first time, and does much to clarify the track of research he would walk through the decades that followed.

In every man we place the sum of our own knowledge and thinking power.

No longer, in our schools, do we have the rule of the rod insofar as I know. We do have a great deal of overwork in many of our schools as well as a great deal of useless baggage in the way of subjects.

     But here and now let me say that a man who has had an unhappy schooling will never be able to find happiness unless he is capable of “arriving” at such eminence that it dizzies one to think about it.

     It is appalling how education tries to reduce all children to the same level mentally. There are just as many degrees and kinds of intelligence as there are children.

     The most heartless, useless, damnable thing ever invented was the group examination. It is here the class learns individual bitterness. The “bright boy” is not always bright. He has had a chance because he has security at home and his only fear in this life is that he will not become, perhaps, an engineer.

     Such a boy is always infuriating. Such a girl is always just a little too smug.


     Because on the examination paper, that boy or girl is shown to have more “intelligence” than the rest of the class.

     “Society” is run for this boy and girl. Their mental equipment is average, their home life good. They have clothes just good enough and also looks just good enough.

     Put to the real test, the boy and the girl are often found to be lacking in imagination but have what we call an excellent memory.

     This is their main characteristic (and here we can almost generalize at that): they have complete confidence in their teacher. Their houses are well run and they are never hampered by a feeling of insecurity there.

     The school puts its stamp on their diplomas and lo! The world takes it for granted that here is number one boy and number one girl and so it comes about that the boy gets a job.

     He is told to go down to the dock and see how much gravel there is on a barge. Six hours later his boss comes down to see what is keeping him and lo! There is the boy sitting on a bitt, surrounded by sheets of paper, working his slide rule wildly, trying to arrive at the curve which will summate the gravel and...

     It takes the boss five seconds. Scornfully he calls attention to the barge’s draft and the problem is solved. This has so bewildered old-time engineers by its oft repeated happening that a very unhealthy idea is current that “College guys is dumb!”

     Naturally this boy was able to walk lightly through life on a very good brain and, too late, starts to use his stacked and uncorrelated memory files. When he sees a curve he is deluged with formulas about curves and nothing else.

Education by L. Ron Hubbard Continued...

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