L. Ron Hubbard & Study Tech
L. Ron Hubbard & Study Technology

There are barriers to study, and LRH solutions provide for the education of ALL students on ALL subjects.

he fundamentals of Study Technology were first described in a series of 1964 lectures at the Scientology training academy of Saint Hill Manor in Sussex, England. As an introductory word, Ron spoke of how a sideline study of photography had provided an investigatory model. That is, by examining his own progress through a course of study, he was better able to isolate the barriers to study as a whole. Letters to instructors (he had enrolled on the famed New York Institute of Photography correspondence course) provide several concrete examples. For instance, having found himself somewhat “clouded up” on lessons relating to developing solutions, he eventually traced the problem to a typographical error – contemporary instead of complementary. Yet there is a far grander view of how he came to develop Study Technology and, succinctly put, it is this: If Scientology may be literally defined as “knowing how to know” in the most expansive sense of the word, then perforce it must contain the answers to how we acquire knowledge.

     As another introductory word, he explained there had never existed a true technology of study. There had been a “technology of schooling,” as he put it, including such incidentals as the shaping of curricula and planning of lessons. There had also been much on the theory of teaching, on what educational psychologists have unashamedly described as the means of imposing ideas upon children. Yet study as the route to grasping ideas and mastering abilities – this had been neglected. In consequence, he spoke not only of a twentieth-century decline, but the decline of whole civilizations. Then again, he spoke of what had befallen education since the Second World War, and particularly the first indications of dropping literacy levels. Finally, and remembering we are speaking of essential truths drawn from the greater body of Scientology, he reiterated the universality of Study Technology – which is once more to say: These are the barriers to study, and LRH solutions provide for the education of all students on all subjects.

     He then proceeded with a discussion of those barriers, and although LRH study methods comprise many principles and techniques, these are the fundamentals:

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