Reading Aloud Word Clearing by L. Ron Hubbard (Part 1/2)

Among other specialized methods of Word Clearing – from clarifying words in a text at hand to the tracing down of misunderstoods in subjects studied years earlier – there is Reading Aloud Word Clearing. It is so named for it is literally a means of locating misunderstood words through the process of reading aloud. Although originally developed for those reading in non-native tongues, it was latterly found to be wholly appropriate for all readers and has special relevance for the general educator or concerned parent. For not only does Reading Aloud Word Clearing help pinpoint misunderstood words for those unfamiliar with a language, but equally serves the glib and seemingly erudite reader who, in fact, misses much with every turn of the page. Indeed, Reading Aloud Word Clearing brings home the fact of hidden illiteracy in rather dramatic ways, while simultaneously working to make truly literate readers. In that regard, it is a tool for every educational arena: the classroom, the industrial training center, the home and more. The underlying theory is simple, and drawn from the greater body of LRH discoveries on the misunderstood. That is, the student who understands all words on a page will read that page aloud without error. The student who passes a misunderstood will exhibit an adverse reaction whether in his voice, his posture or attitude. In typically thorough fashion, LRH has delineated all possible reactions to the misunderstood and all forms of misunderstanding in his Reading Aloud Word Clearing instructions. Reprinted below are the basics, and if a seemingly simple procedure, it is intended as such. But make no mistake about it, in application it is immensely powerful.

Reading Aloud Word Clearing by L. Ron Hubbard

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