GRAMMAR by L. Ron Hubbard - By way of introduction to The New Grammar book, LRH offered the following explanation of grammar, its history and its function.

Grammar is the way words are organized into speech and writings so as to convey exact thoughts, ideas and meanings amongst people. It is essentially a system of agreements as to the relationship of words to bring about meaningful communication.

     That is all that grammar is. If it is defined otherwise, students will think they are being taught classroom rules rather than how to talk and read.

     This definition will not be found in dictionaries because grammar fell into the hands of grammarians who themselves misunderstood the word grammar. It is that and that only which makes grammar tough. The objective of The New Grammar is to bypass the resulting complications.

     Grammar is established by common usage and forwarded by writers. It got into a very dark eddy of a very dark river when it fell into the hands of the professors. This is basically what is wrong with it. It isn’t even difficult to understand it. It is only difficult to understand the inability of the professors to write about it.

     Grammar isn’t the study of anything. It’s the use of something. Now a “professor” believes that anything is a study. That’s because he gets paid for telling people it is a study. Grammar is a part of everyday existence and if you don’t know it and can’t use it, nobody can understand you and you can’t understand others and you will be in mystery about things and people a lot of the time.

     If grammar is defined as the way words are organized into speech and writings so as to convey exact thoughts, ideas and meanings amongst people, students will be eager to study it rather than thinking they are suffering under the yoke of “professors” who themselves couldn’t talk or communicate. Grammar is something people need in order to understand and be understood and that is the end of it.

     Grammarians of the past never understood what a word was and failed to properly define the most basic element of their subject.

     They also failed to notice and stress the fact that the language is made up of words which, on the whole, have several meanings and can be used in several different ways. Without an understanding of this, the language and grammar can appear very confusing.

     These and many other errors have made the subject difficult to learn and use.

     The aim of this book is to make a person expert in the use and construction of words and language so that he can convey his concepts and thoughts clearly and lucidly and so that he can understand the thoughts and concepts of others.

     That’s all there is to grammar.


The Key to Life Continued...
The New Grammar

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