[Picture]      What The New Grammar offers is basically the opposite: not a body of restrictive rules, but a means for limitless expression and perfect comprehension. In a concise explanation of his stance (and one drawn from the text itself) Ron writes: “It is particularly interesting to note that grammar is an after-the-fact subject. In other words, it seeks to make rules about something that has already been in use for ages and is in an evolved state. It does not create something. It merely tries to describe it. This immediately disposes of the idea that grammar is a study which belongs in the hands of the professors. It is obviously a use which belongs in the hands of the users. Written and spoken communication were not invented by grammarians. When grammarians do their job properly they assist people to understand each other in their written and spoken communication.” Reflecting precisely that, and once more utilizing illustrations to teach, The New Grammar not only clarifies, but actually removes those elements of traditional grammar arbitrarily imposed upon the language for the sake of academic exercise. Thus comes a grammar truly of and for the people. Accordingly, The New Grammar is also an amazingly simple treatment of the subject, and, in fact, represents the first complete and yet still comprehensible explanation of the way in which we use English.

     What these three texts add up to, then, are students with the veritable key to English – how it is formed and how it is most effectively used for superior communication. For the younger student, Ron further offers his How to Use a Dictionary Picture Book for Children and his Grammar and Communication for Children. Yet in either case, the result is the same: an altogether remarkable command of the world’s foremost language. That the author of these works was himself a world-renowned writer is to be expected; for what is ultimately offered here is nothing less than a writer’s facility with the language... in all its power, its beauty and subtleties of phrasing. Needless to say, these works also provide a remarkable level of comprehension and, in fact, a passion for reading so deeply and with such clarity that when placed in the hands of that grimly illiterate twentieth century student we are honestly looking at the means for cultural renaissance.


     “The Key to Life Course has opened a new life for me. I read something and I get it, immediately, or I find the word or symbol I need to clear up to get it. I have the potential to understand and apply anything I may be interested in.”


     “I always did well in school. I graduated from the University of California with a good grade average. I could memorize and regurgitate facts and data and even rearrange the data and express it in terms of exams and essays. I was considered very bright by my teachers and friends.

     What nobody knew was that I actually understood very little of this data – about 5 percent or 10 percent. I have changed due to the Key to Life Course. I totally understand the material I am reading. I am not memorizing. I am not filing away. I actually KNOW it. The Key to Life Course has rehabilitated my ability to learn.”


     “I have gained myself on the Key to Life Course and an ability to duplicate others and to be duplicated by others. I feel like a new person who has shed tons of confusions and fears and who has tools to enable me to live life.”


     “Thoroughly confused and stultified by the educational system, I somehow stumbled through life this far. It took the Key to Life Course to undo years of incorrect training and education and put a foundation there that will stand for the rest of my life.”


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