L. Ron Hubbard on Applied Scholastics

Students are alive to the
possibilities of education
and thoroughly intrigued
with their studies.

The broad implementation of LRH learning tools commenced in 1972, through Applied Scholastics International. Founded by a consortium of American educators from university, college and lower schools, Applied Scholastics is dedicated to the dissemination of LRH educational technology both privately and publicly, and administered by the Association for Better Living and Education. In all, Applied Scholastics functions through some two hundred affiliates worldwide to the ultimate benefit of some thirty million people from every educational and socioeconomic sphere.

     Initially, however, efforts remained focused upon underprivileged students, most notably in South Africa where Ron himself had previously devoted much energy to the improvement of township schools even in the face of apartheid. At issue were genuinely appalling statistics: For every hundred black children entering native schools, only one finally qualified for higher education; while of those remaining, only four managed minimal diplomas from high school. Then there were the ten million black children who had never spent a single day in class, prompting legitimate fears for a lost generation and LRH predictions of grave social upheaval.

     In reply, LRH study methods were brought to both native students and teachers on what Ron described as a spearheading basis. By 1975, under an Applied Scholastics affiliate known as Education Alive, the program had come to embrace several districts to the benefit of several thousand students and instructors. Results are now regarded as legendary. Following a three-week course in LRH study methods, black teenagers from Transkei were found to have increased reading levels by more than two years; while a 15 percent failure rate at the Moretele College of Education fell to but 2 percent. At a Bapedi Lower Primary School, a previously “impossible, retarded or bluntly stupid” class suddenly boasted a 70 percent pass-rate, well above the national norm and prompting what was described as improvements so profound, they were “difficult to believe.” In consequence, and fueled with corporate donations, Education Alive saw rapid expansion until, at last, LRH study methods had reached some 1.5 million students and instructors. Today, Education Alive continues to grow with federal support, and actually stands as the academic cornerstone for the new South African government’s Reconstruction and Development Program.

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