Elsewhere across the globe, the story of Applied Scholastics is equally dramatic. Faced with similarly grim levels of illiteracy in the People’s Republic of China, for example, some five thousand teachers and industrial managers have come to embrace LRH study skills since 1985; while in recently liberated Russia, the Applied Scholastics affiliate Studema has embarked upon programs with the Ministry of Education and high schools to deliver LRH study methods to many thousand more. Also now in progress are Applied Scholastics programs in Colombia, where LRH methods are generally regarded as the solution to the whole of that nation’s literacy crisis; in Egypt and Costa Rica where LRH methods are likewise employed, on a national level, and some thirty more nations, including Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, France, Sweden and Germany.

      Meanwhile in the business community, where an estimated forty-five billion dollars is annually spent re-educating employees, LRH methods have proven no less efficacious. For example, after several fruitless years attempting to train computer operators, General Motors appealed to Applied Scholastics consultants for what amounted to an overhaul of all computer training methods. The thousand-page manual was rewritten in accordance [Picture]with LRH discoveries relating to study barriers, students were provided with LRH learning tools, and the six to twelve months estimated training time fell to but three weeks. Just as profitable has been the implementation of LRH methods within training centers at Buick, Mobil Oil, Perrier, Allstate Insurance and several hundred more manufacturers, retail chains, and service companies, all to the benefit of several more million employees worldwide.

      But the story of Study Technology in application is not simply one of impressive numbers. Since the introduction of LRH learning tools into the secular arena, several institutions have been established for the education of students in strict accordance with LRH principles. [Picture] The largest is The Delphian School with campuses in Sheridan, Oregon; Los Angeles; Palo Alto; Sacramento; San Diego; and Boston, Massachusetts. Offering a full curriculum from elementary through high school, The Delphian School provides what all better private schools advertise: an atmosphere conducive to excellence, greater individual attention, and generally superior facilities. Yet with adherence to Study Technology in every aspect of instruction, The Delphian School provides something else, something truly extraordinary.

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