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e are living in an age of widespread illiteracy, L. Ron Hubbard reminds us, and the consequences are grave. In addition to the obvious repercussions of lost productivity, we must finally come to terms with at least two generations unable to comprehend or communicate in any meaningful way. We must further come to terms with that grimmest of nongraduating classes – listless from drugs, dull-eyed from television and video games, possessing not the faintest conception of history, mathematics, fine art or literature and yet, on occasion, unimaginably violent.

     At the same time, however, let us try and grasp the full significance of this closing statement: Having engaged in a study of illiteracy, illiterate and semiliterate populations, L. Ron Hubbard has provided the solutions to a twentieth-century educational crisis. Those solutions allow for the total comprehension of any subject; they are easily learned and applied, and are otherwise available to all who would reach for them.


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